Happy Sunday!  I got up and started doing yard work early this morning – Phil did the mowing yesterday and my job is the raking.  There’s something so peaceful about being in the yard at the crack of dawn with just the sounds of the birds and my raking.  Anyway I got it all done in a couple of hours and now I can tell you about the music and where you can find Phil & Angela Benoit this week:

Sunday, May 19 (tonight) at PITA PARADISE in Wailea from 6:30 pm – 9:00 pm.  And YES, I will be back on the bandstand.  Our lovely daughter Kendall will also be joining us.

Tuesday, May 21 at MERRIMAN’S in Kapalua from 5:00 pm – 8:30 pm.  BIG mahalo to guitarist Michael Ferenci who sat in with Phil the past six weeks while I took a much needed vocal rest.

That’s it for now.  Enjoy this beautiful day and the rest of your week, take good care and hope to see you soon.

High Rollers

High Rollers

P. S.  Phil gave me the most amazing birthday gift to celebrate my 60th on the 4th of May.  He and our really good friend Rebecca planned a girls’ Las Vegas weekend getaway.  I’d never been there and always wanted to check it out and I never know what I want to do on my birthday so this was perfect.  The weekend included tickets to the Cirque du Soleil Beatles’ “Love” show (unbelievably fantastic!) and also tickets to Bruno Mars’ last show in Vegas on my birthday.  Anyway, here’s a collage of photos when Rebecca and I rode the High Roller after the Cirque show.  So. Much. Fun.