Goooooood Sunday morning to ya!  It’s a very lovely day here.  Phil just got back from surfing at Ho’okipa, the fur babies are behaving and life is good.  We’ll be at PITA PARADISE in Wailea this evening from 6:00 pm to 8:30 pm.  Along with our fave bossa, standards and classic pop tunes we’ll be featuring past Oscar winning and nominated songs this evening.  Call 808 879 7177 to make a reservation.

Starfish & Rainbows

P. S.  Phil’s cousin Bob Eggleston gifted me with a beautiful crystal a few years back.  I have it on a ledge by the window of my office desk.  The sunlight shines on it in the afternoon and it gives off these beautiful prism colors.  Here is a shot of a starfish paper weight from the Hui Noe’au gift store that Phil delighted me with at Christmas.  Look at the pretty prism colors from the crystal.  I’ll take a picture of the crystal later so you can see how pretty it is.